A Simplified How-To For CrashPlan Pro

I have been using CrashPlan Pro for almost 3 years and I have realized that, although the software is simple to use, knowing the internal workings of the software and how to build the system correctly are the only ways to guarantee a successful restore.  Let’s start with the fundamentals. Although the CrashPlan Pro server […]

IT Resource Constraints And Its Impact On Security Patching

For the past two years, IT departments have seen their budgets and staff cut, forcing them to focus on the bare essentials. This trend is most visible in the server environment in which patching has become a non-essential task. As an enterprise architect and a security consultant, I’m seeing more and more environments that have […]

Green Data Center Concept For The City of Chicago

For the past eight months I’ve been thinking about a new design concept for a data center within the Chicago area.  There is a continuous need for data center space in the city and I strongly believe that the data center should enhance the surrounding environment as opposed to being just another non-descript concrete building. […]