VMWare Converter Standalone 5.0 Unexpected Close with ESX 5.1

When addressing the problem of a Converter Standalone 5.0 closing unexpectedly when accessing vSphere 5.1 targets, the VMWare website recommends updating to 5.0.1 or if you cannot, provides a workaround solution. However, as we discovered when attempting to perform our initial P2V process, the issue isn’t exclusive to vSphere 5.1 targets.  Standalone ESX 5.1 targets […]

Fighting e-waste with open-source repair manuals

Since I started at CrossRealms almost a year ago, our team has sporadically brainstormed how we as a technology consultancy could help address the problem of ever-accumulating electronic waste.  We’ve most often talked about what to do with electronics after they’ve reached their ends-of-life, but electronics can be intercepted just about anywhere in the waste […]