Spam Email, Explained

Situation: Your mother/friend/sister emails you and wants to know why you are sending her pornography or solicitations to send money so she can be saved from the foreign country in which she’s been stranded.  Most spam like this is not coming from your account. It’s usually coming from someone else that’s using your email address.  In order to understand the […]

How To Be Productive in Spite of Email

Last week, I realized that my need to respond to emails in a prompt manner kept me from the simple process of “thinking” through anything.  Most of the day, I’m simply responding quickly to emails and jumping from one email to the other.  When someone asks me to think about something, I’m unable to respond […]

Cisco ASA with Radius and Certificates for Two-Factor Authentication (using a Microsoft CA)

A client requested two-factor authentication for one segment of their network.  The ASA was configured for Radius authentication using Active Directory, but they did not have the certificate piece configured.  I searched for some simple instructions and found a lot of detailed information, but nothing as simple as step one, step two, etc., so I […]