Tech Blog | SQL From The Ground | Part 4

What an incredible week for SQL learning! The Bootcamp was INTENSE. In all honesty it should probably have been a four day class as opposed to three days, but such is the nature of learning things quickly. I’m sure four days would have felt crammed still. The last write-up covered Hardware and Installation.. Tuesday we […]

Tech Blog | SQL From The Ground | Part 3

[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]DOMAIN AND HOSTING: This week I bought a domain and hosting. This is for a separate project but worth mentioning because of its implications for SQL. The hosting I bought was specifically chosen for the ability to have SQL Server hosted. I have three databases hosted on GoDaddy’s servers for my site. In reality […]

Tech Blog | SQL From The Ground | Part 2

One of the most important things I read this week was about the data types in SQL. It is much like mysql and Oracle SQL but I studied a bit further into it than I had previously. Data types are broken into categories: exact numeric, such as Int and Numeric, character string, or char and […]

Tech Blog | SQL From The Ground | Part 1

To begin my study into Microsoft SQL, from a Querying and DBA point of view, was to create a virtual machine running Windows 2012, and SQL 2012. Here is a screenshot of my configuration in VMWare workstation 10 below. To my advantage, I have a custom built computer, with ample storage and memory, so I […]