Bash Bug Raises the Stakes

  Bourne Again SHell vulnerability raises Internet security stakes and demands unified security approach. The destructive potential of the newly-discovered GNU Bourne Again Shell (Bash) vulnerability is leading me to adopt a more aggressive, even reactionary, stance to security.  Until recently, I generally favored the methodical approach of protecting infrastructure by developing multi-layered defenses and […]

How to upgrade and provision Polycom SoundPoint IP 450s, 550s and 650s with 3CX

Note from Usama Have you ever had to install a 3CX system using existing Polycom SoundPoint handsets running older firmware? If so, you would quickly discover that the handsets will not respond to auto provisioning from 3CX and any manual configuration on your part leads to unpredictable results. After few painful and futile attempts, I […]