Wilson Sporting Goods Scores with 3CX Migration: New Case Study Provides Details

Wilson Sporting Goods Co. has already reaped measurable benefits from its February 2014 migration to 3CX Phone System. CrossRealms Inc. worked side-by-side with the global sports equipment company to plan and implement its migration from a hardware PBX to 3CX’s software PBX. The 3CX company on Tuesday published a detailed case study on the Wilson […]

Celebrate Earth Day with CrossRealms by Testing Your Knowledge of the Environment

The sustainability team at CrossRealms hosted an Earth Day celebration at our downtown office to promote care and concern for the environment. Team members organized a lively game of Earth Day trivia featuring questions about water contamination, endangered species, and Earth Day history. Participants enjoyed fresh salads and wraps from a local, healthy restaurant and […]

Enabling auto_poweron for Virtual Machines Running on Xenserver 6.2

This past week there was a good storm that ran thru our area. As is typical with a good thunderstorm, the power hiccuped and so did all of my computer equipment. In a home environment, that’s not too much of an issue, but if you’re running a lab, it can be painful when you realize that […]