Cohesity From the Trenches – week 4 – Incredible Data Reduction Results

For this blog, I want to report on the status of migrating our myriad of storage hardware, backup software, and media servers at our data center to our new Cohesity unit. First of all, let me describe the current environment. At our data center, we have around 70+ TB of primary storage and around 200 […]

Cohesity From the Trenches – week 3 – Remote and Large vmdk Backups

Many updates have happened since my last blog post back on March 31st. Code 2.7.2 is out with many new features that I will address shortly, and I met with Mohit, the founder of Cohesity, and with his brainiac team at the user conference here in Chicago. What a fun and unique opportunity. But let’s […]