10 Ways to Protect Yourself from Cyber Attacks

In the Aftermath of WannaCry There are thousands of ways a hacker could gain access to your system to exfiltrate data or deploy malware. The recent widespread infection of the ransomware virus, WannaCry, should serve as a reminder of how vulnerable a computer can be. Ransomware and other infections are usually due to carelessness. The […]

Leveraging Splunk for Security and Compliance

The Pillars of Robust IT Infrastructure Today’s IT landscape necessitates that all organizations have both solid security and strict compliance. Currently, security information and event management (SIEM) applications aim to achieve this by combining traditional data sources, giving out-of-the-box reporting and analytics, and flagging risks/anomalies within that system. With this approach there can be many […]

Microsoft Office Specialist Service Update

Schedule Now To Reserve Your MOS Appointment Exciting news!! CrossRealms is rolling out a new Microsoft Office Specialist service for our clients starting June 2017. Ashley, our MOS, will be offering both onsite trainings and webinars. See below for details. Onsite Trainings Ashley will be available to come to your office for scheduled, one hour […]

How We Secured a Healthcare Client’s Network Mid-Acquisition and Divestiture

A Glimpse Into Our process A large healthcare client, created through a partial divestiture of a much larger organization, contracted CrossRealms to design a solution for securing traffic to and from the larger organization in addition to securing the new entity with its varied Acute Care Hospitals and administrative offices. These types of projects present […]