Meraki CDP and Cisco 550X, 500X Tale of Insanity:

Recently I was contacted by a good client of mine because their organization was having issues with their Meraki wireless after installing the Cisco 500X switches connected to Cisco 550X core.  When I asked him the details, it turned out that Cisco had already replaced his switches in an unsuccessful attempt to fix the problem […]

Step by Step Guide to Configuring the Nexus 3K Line

Since many of my customers have issues configuring the Cisco Nexus line, I thought to create a short configuration guideline that readers can follow to get their switches up and running quickly. Personally, I’m extremely impressed with their performance and value. I’m going to start with explaining the difference between stacked switches and the Nexus […]

Join CrossRealms for a Security Breakfast Roundtable

Ask the Experts: 5 Ways to Protect Your Business from Emerging Security Threats Recently, it’s been hard to miss the troubling headlines on security breaches affecting millions and causing havoc for businesses throughout the world. If you want to learn more about emerging trends and challenges in IT security, and what you can do to […]

Microsoft Office Specialist Update

Ready and Rolling In previous newsletters we followed the progress of our Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) in training, Ashley Ganz, on her path to certification. We just reached an exciting milestone! Ashley is now certified and already out there putting this new complimentary Microsoft Office support service to use at client sites! We are also […]

How CrossRealms and Aruba Wireless Networks Transformed The Ravinia Festival Experience

A Video Case Study CrossRealms implemented a breakthrough system at Ravinia Festival that transformed the festival experience. Now, Ravinia has one of the strongest crowd-focused wireless connections in the country. Watch how we did it:

Errata: 3CX with a Patton SmartNode and DMS100 protocol post upgrade to 15.5

Written By: Usama Houilila President and Enterprise Architect               Last week, a colleague sent me a message regarding errors on inbound calls coming in from Bell Canada to their site. The settings on the Patton were NI2 and every other call was either dropping or ringing with no response. […]

Palo Alto Networks – Dual Factor Authentication with O365 for Palo Alto Networks VPN users

Dual Factor Authentication with O365 for Palo Alto Networks VPN users   Today I visited a client that has been dealing with a recurring issue of failure on dual factor authentication for VPN users (Radius and O365 multi factor authentication). The signature of the failure was that initially the password was accepted, however, the Phone […]

Palo Alto Networks and High Availability | Errata: Code 8.0.3h4

Errata: Code 8.0.3h4 – Palo Alto Networks and High Availability I recently worked with a client to configure two Nexus3172 switches with vPC and VRRP in combination with dual Palo Alto Networks 3020s in HA passive-active failover. The firewalls were running Code 8.0.3h4 and the Nexus 6.0.2.           Laptop1  ==> Switch […]