Why Hackers Will Target Your Cell Phone to Access Your Company’s Data

A client sent me a question recently asking whether two factor authentication or password resets using a cell phone is safe? My initial reaction was yes. Two factor means 1. something I own and 2. something I know, similar to an ATM card. But is your cell phone that secure?  Let’s go through some of the ways we’ve made our cell phones proof of our identity:  Two […]

Should We Stop Expiring Passwords?

As I read through the new guidelines from the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) about only changing passwords for a valid reason or condition, I thought these people were nuts. But then I kept reading…I realized that they could be onto something for improving password management without compromising security. This blog is […]

What Recourse Do I Have In Case of Failure of Recovering my Backups from the Cloud?

This continues to be a touchy subject and I want to start opening the discussions around it because in many ways, I feel that business owners make some assumptions about the cloud that are simply not true. For me, a client asked me whether they should host their backup solution or not (the software vendor […]