Ravinia Takes on the Datapocalypse with CrossRealms’ Help

The concert season is in full swing at Ravinia Festival and for the first time in our history, we are way ahead of the wireless consumption curve. Ravinia teamed up with CrossRealms early this year to deploy an extendable, next-generation WIFI solution at the Park that would surpass our current needs and serve our customers […]

CrossRealms Sustainability Team Tackles Early Childhood Literacy

The CrossRealms sustainability team is getting its geek on.  This fall the team added two technical interns:  Ray Ortiz recently graduated with a computer science degree from Western Illinois University, Macomb, and Chris Lowe is a senior majoring in computer science at Loyola University, Chicago. Working with sustainability team colleagues Paapa, Ali and Catie, techies […]

NEXT GENERATION WI-FI, Installing Wireless Mesh Network for Ravinia

CHICAGO — More than 15,000 Ravinia Festival Park concert goers will be able to text, talk and share under the stars come the summer 2015 concert season, thanks to new Wi-Fi technology (Gigabit Wi-Fi) and a partnership between IT firm CrossRealms Inc. and the oldest outdoor music festival in the United States. “We want to […]

3CX Dashboard Under Development

CrossRealms’ first development project is well under way. We are about a month into it and things are going well. The project is a 3CX dashboard to give administrators all of the information they need in one central location. This is an all-inclusive tool to assist in the maintenance, troubleshooting, and trending of a 3CX […]