Forensic Readiness: Setting the Foundation For Cybersecurity

I’ve been involved in addressing many different cyberattacks in 2017 and early 2018, with some attacks being more successful than others. My involvement was usually in identifying the nature of the attack in a post mortem fashion or thwarting the advancement of an attack in progress. One common thread among all of them was the […]

Cisco Remote Execution and Denial of Service Vulnerability

“A vulnerability in the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) VPN functionality of the Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) Software could allow an unauthenticated, remote attacker to cause a reload of the affected system or to remotely execute code.” (Cisco Security Advisories and Alerts) Read the full article HERE  

Protecting Your Network: CrossRealms Security Stats

Please be on the lookout for two updates:               Firewall updates to improve detection and response             Wireless updates to prevent KRACK attack                                                  […]

Palo Alto Networks and High Availability | Errata: Code 8.0.3h4

Errata: Code 8.0.3h4 – Palo Alto Networks and High Availability I recently worked with a client to configure two Nexus3172 switches with vPC and VRRP in combination with dual Palo Alto Networks 3020s in HA passive-active failover. The firewalls were running Code 8.0.3h4 and the Nexus 6.0.2.           Laptop1  ==> Switch […]

Fix Palo Alto Web Login Failure and Protect Your Firewall from Unauthorized Access

Unable to Login to Palo Alto Networks Web Interface I recently have heard from several clients who were unable to access their Palo Alto firewall through the Web interface. At first glance, there appeared to be a problem with the password. As I further investigated the issue, however, I discovered that I was able to […]

Wirelurker Detection Tool from PaloAlto networks

We want to share this update from our partner Palo Alto Networks regarding malware targeting Apple’s desktop and mobile platforms. Palo Alto is among the network security companies that CrossRealms partners with to bring our clients advanced Analytics with Unified Threat Management. We share Palo Alto’s proactive approach to security threats. Please contact us if […]

Bash Bug Raises the Stakes

  Bourne Again SHell vulnerability raises Internet security stakes and demands unified security approach. The destructive potential of the newly-discovered GNU Bourne Again Shell (Bash) vulnerability is leading me to adopt a more aggressive, even reactionary, stance to security.  Until recently, I generally favored the methodical approach of protecting infrastructure by developing multi-layered defenses and […]

Deploying 3CX with Cisco ASA Firewall

One of the common mistakes when installing a voice over IP (VoIP) system is the firewall configuration. Since VoIP systems depend on the Internet to send and receive calls, any misconfiguration will lead to one way audio and or complete loss of ability to either make or receive calls. In this example, I’m going to […]

MAC Address Limit on the Palo Alto 500 Firewalls

One of my clients recently suffered from continuous semi-outages with peculiar symptoms. As the number of people logging onto the internal network increased, new users were unable to access resources while existing users were completely unaffected. Initially, the two causes that came to mind were service policy limits and utilization on the data plane. I […]

Search Engines Found to Deliver Malware

A recent study has revealed that search engines sometimes deliver websites infected with malware among their top results.  Though Google and Bing performed best among all search engines tested in the study, they were not immune to such occurrences.  The 18-month study, conducted by the AV-TEST Institute, found that, of the two to three billion […]