Critical Windows bug fixed today is actively being exploited to hack users

“Microsoft on Tuesday patched two Windows vulnerabilities that attackers are actively exploiting in the wild to install malicious apps on the computers of unwitting users.”   — Ars Technica Read the full article here

Protecting Your Network: CrossRealms Security Stats

Please be on the lookout for two updates:               Firewall updates to improve detection and response             Wireless updates to prevent KRACK attack                                                  […]

Security Alert CCleaner- CCleaner hack affects 2.27 million computers.

If you currently have CCleaner installed on your Windows machine, please remove the software and install a fresh copy directly from the website. British software firm Piriform confirmed that the latest versions of their free junk removal software CCleaner was compromised and has already affected over 2 million Windows computers. The breach could allow hackers […]

Passwords – 3 Things You’re Probably Doing Wrong

3 Things You’re Probably Doing Wrong With Your Passwords   Passwords are the gatekeepers that allow you to access your most sensitive information. All it takes to withdraw all your money from your bank account is a password. Yet many people do not have secure passwords, making it much easier for the password to fall […]

The New Gmail Scam

5 Ways to Defend Against Phishing Attacks by: Adrian Turika There’s a reason almost 1 in 3 scam emails were opened in 2016, a number that’s consistently increased since 2011 (Verizon 2016 Report). Phishing is becoming the hackers’ most utilized attack vector. It’s always been the most effective and requires the least amount of heavy […]

Fix Palo Alto Web Login Failure and Protect Your Firewall from Unauthorized Access

Unable to Login to Palo Alto Networks Web Interface I recently have heard from several clients who were unable to access their Palo Alto firewall through the Web interface. At first glance, there appeared to be a problem with the password. As I further investigated the issue, however, I discovered that I was able to […]

A Quantum Internet for Better Cybersecurity

Los Alamos National Labs has revealed their development and use of a perfectly secure quantum internet.  The theories behind this technology could be used to provide secure connections on a much larger scale. Basic quantum mechanics tells us that the act of measuring a quantum object, such as a photon, inherently changes that object.  So, […]

Search Engines Found to Deliver Malware

A recent study has revealed that search engines sometimes deliver websites infected with malware among their top results.  Though Google and Bing performed best among all search engines tested in the study, they were not immune to such occurrences.  The 18-month study, conducted by the AV-TEST Institute, found that, of the two to three billion […]

Spam Email, Explained

Situation: Your mother/friend/sister emails you and wants to know why you are sending her pornography or solicitations to send money so she can be saved from the foreign country in which she’s been stranded.  Most spam like this is not coming from your account. It’s usually coming from someone else that’s using your email address.  In order to understand the […]

Sophos releases Security Threat Report 2013

Sophos recently released its Security Threat Report 2013 focusing on Blackholes, the world’s most popular and notorious software exploit kits.  According to the report, Servers in the United States are the most infected in the world with 30.81% of hosted sites identified as Blackhole exploits.  These kits scan your computer for known vulnerabilities and then […]