Cohesity from the trenches – week 2 – Migration, Cluster backups and Deduplication

Last week, I discussed the disruptive nature of Cohesity’s software mostly from the perspective of “copy data management” and how that can transform the way CrossRealms develops Backups and Business Continuity solutions for its customers. In the following series of blogs, I’m going to share with you how things are progressing from a deployment and […]

CrossRealms Launches Nation’s First Hands-On Cohesity Training

Businesses seeking a strategic solution to costly, high-maintenance and fragmented secondary storage, now have both a technology and an IT partner to help them transition from legacy systems to hyperconverged secondary storage. Cohesity this week named Chicago-based managed services and consultancy firm CrossRealms Inc. as its first national Managed Services Provider partner. “Our job at […]

How to Protect Your Company from Ransomware: Best Practices for End Users

CrossRealms is taking measures to help clients prevent Cryptolocker and other ransomware attacks at the enterprise level, but many IT managers are asking us whether there’s more that end users can do to help keep their organizations safe. The answer is “yes. “What is Ransomware? Ransomware is a particularly aggressive form of malware that poses […]

Fix Palo Alto Web Login Failure and Protect Your Firewall from Unauthorized Access

Unable to Login to Palo Alto Networks Web Interface I recently have heard from several clients who were unable to access their Palo Alto firewall through the Web interface. At first glance, there appeared to be a problem with the password. As I further investigated the issue, however, I discovered that I was able to […]

Enabling auto_poweron for Virtual Machines Running on Xenserver 6.2

This past week there was a good storm that ran thru our area. As is typical with a good thunderstorm, the power hiccuped and so did all of my computer equipment. In a home environment, that’s not too much of an issue, but if you’re running a lab, it can be painful when you realize that […]

CIOs Break Phones (to Gain Tech Knowledge) at CrossRealms 3CX Workshop

Eleven IT professionals from a range of sectors including manufacturing, government and legal services, participated in CrossRealms’ first 3CX workshop on Nov. 20 at the firm’s downtown Chicago office. CrossRealms’ Usama Houlila led the four-hour, advanced workshop on the increasingly popular software-based Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system. “We want to expand our customers’ […]

NEXT GENERATION WI-FI, Installing Wireless Mesh Network for Ravinia

CHICAGO — More than 15,000 Ravinia Festival Park concert goers will be able to text, talk and share under the stars come the summer 2015 concert season, thanks to new Wi-Fi technology (Gigabit Wi-Fi) and a partnership between IT firm CrossRealms Inc. and the oldest outdoor music festival in the United States. “We want to […]

Wirelurker Detection Tool from PaloAlto networks

We want to share this update from our partner Palo Alto Networks regarding malware targeting Apple’s desktop and mobile platforms. Palo Alto is among the network security companies that CrossRealms partners with to bring our clients advanced Analytics with Unified Threat Management. We share Palo Alto’s proactive approach to security threats. Please contact us if […]

Bash Bug Raises the Stakes

  Bourne Again SHell vulnerability raises Internet security stakes and demands unified security approach. The destructive potential of the newly-discovered GNU Bourne Again Shell (Bash) vulnerability is leading me to adopt a more aggressive, even reactionary, stance to security.  Until recently, I generally favored the methodical approach of protecting infrastructure by developing multi-layered defenses and […]