CrossRealms Contingent Races For Charity And Hot Chocolate

15K medal & prize - Hot Chocolate Run 2014[

CrossRealms participated in the Hot Chocolate 15K/5K Chicago Run on Nov. 9 for the third year in a row. Seven employees, including Usama Houlila, set their alarm clocks early on Sunday morning, headed downtown, and braved temperatures in the 30s to help raise funds for Ronald McDonald House Charities.

It was the first time Ali Ellison participated in a 5K and only the second time for Cedric Casuga. Chris Lowe raced for the first time in ten years. Brittany Nolan and Ray Ortiz rounded out the CrossRealms pack. They joined 40,000 runners on the course that begins at Millennium Park, continues through the heart of downtown, and wraps up in Grant Park.

Everyone who finished the race was rewarded with a steaming hot cup of cocoa and treats to dip in hot chocolate fudge sauce. “Knowing that there would be hot chocolate at the end helped with the cold,” said Ali. Andrea LeJeune cheered on the runners and photographed them crossing the finish line.

CrossRealms promotes physical fitness and charitable giving by participating in both the Hot Chocolate Run and the Bastille Day Run, which supports Mercy Home for Boys and Girls. Several employees trained for the Hot Chocolate event by running on treadmills and working out at the CrossRealms building health club. CrossRealms provides employees with membership to the health club as part of an overall effort to support healthy lifestyles. Learn more about our sustainability efforts by viewing our Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Report.