Errata: 3CX with a Patton SmartNode and DMS100 protocol post upgrade to 15.5

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Usama Houilila

President and Enterprise Architect

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Last week, a colleague sent me a message regarding errors on inbound calls coming in from Bell Canada to their site. The settings on the Patton were NI2 and every other call was either dropping or ringing with no response. We started the usual ISDN debug on the network side and the SIP messages on the 3CX side.

Debug context sip-gateway transport

Debug context sip-gateway error

Debug call-control

Debug call-router

Debug ccisdn signaling

We also placed the 3CX server in verbose mode and started wire capture and opened a ticket with Bell Canada (all the usual things a good technical person will do while working on a 3CX trouble ticket with the provider).

The first surprise came from Bell Canada when they said that the protocol should be DMS100 and not NI2. That threw us for a loop because how was the circuit even working before that? We went along and reconfigured the Patton for DMS100 and all calls ended up ringing with no answer. When we looked at the log, some appeared Anonymous as CallerID and others came with “message type not compatible with call state”.

We opened a ticket with 3CX and Patton and both needed the logs we collected but still couldn’t identify the issue correctly so we were more or less at a standstill and started contemplating either burning sage around the system to clear it from evil spirits and/or revert back to code 14. One issue that struck me as indicating that it could not be on the 3CX side was the fact that all calls outbound were successful.

My colleague started researching the web and found the following link on Patton support:

We agreed that since this is a step higher than burning sage, we should try it out and lo and behold, everything started working.

Here’s the commands from the CLI:

Context cs
Interface sip IF_SIP_0
Address-complete-indication accept set

Since my colleague is the author of the following statement:

“Information should be free and collaborative, share your knowledge and inspire the next generation.” (F.G) we decided to share this with the 3CX community.

Happy upgrading everyone