Leveraging Splunk for Security and Compliance

The Pillars of Robust IT Infrastructure

Today’s IT landscape necessitates that all organizations have both solid security and strict compliance. Currently, security information and event management (SIEM) applications aim to achieve this by combining traditional data sources, giving out-of-the-box reporting and analytics, and flagging risks/anomalies within that system. With this approach there can be many holes – many data sources are missed requiring your business to purchase additional SIEMs for the remaining sources, which can become costly fast. Traditional SIEMs don’t add intelligence or business context to their data. Sifting through vast data sets takes time, which many organizations do not have when security events occur. These systems are usually not open source, decreasing the amount of customization which can be done to tailor them to your business needs. To resolve these issues, CrossRealms leverages Splunk to bring all security and compliance requirements together in a single, powerful platform.

Splunk as a security intelligence platform has been shown to greatly accelerate and enhance your incident detection and response time by consolidating security event data and personnel into a centralized location. By bringing together and correlating all of your data sources, you are able to find anomalies and risks in real time across all facets of your business, as well as report on and create advanced analytics with both business context and intelligence. This is done by analyzing which threats your organization cares most about, what that threat may look like inside your data, how this threat can be detected and blocked, and by following a process for each type of threat you may see. Security and compliance are the pillars of a strong IT infrastructure.

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Written By: Bill Weber

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