Stopping Hackers In The Social Network Age

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We are all aware of the recent tampering of our beloved social networking site Facebook.  Hopefully none of you were the unfortunate recipients of malicious activity, including: hardcore porn, grotesque human gore, and religious degradation as reported by The Christian Post, which was one of the first to cover the event.  Current investigations point to malicious javascript created by hackers to doop users into propagating it through their browser’s URL bar. Once they captured personal usernames and passwords they bypassed firewalls to circulate malicious content into the user’s feed.

As businesses accept the advantages of social media networks and tools, rather than restricting their access, firewall and security solutions become essential to protect from malicious network activity and harmful attacks. For a modest investment, Palo Alto Network firewalls offer features to identify malware & spyware, filter threats, and reduce business liability and loss due to malicious activity and hacking- saving countless dollars in the long haul.  Additionally, BusinessWeek features an in-depth article to support PAN next-generation firewalls for Facebook.

CrossRealms partners with Palo Alto Network for the most effective firewall solutions.  PAN firewalls identify, manage, and filter threats like malware, spyware and non-native through URL filters.  PAN firewalls allow managers to inspect all traffic on a network, isolate malicious code, quarantine it, and create a filtering system to render the attacks ineffective.  Rather than having to investigate and tracking the source of security threats, PAN firewalls use a single-pass architecture to monitor/filter the network at wire speed, prevent the propagation of threats, and operate in an undetected fashion on the network.

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