How CrossRealms and Aruba Wireless Networks Transformed The Ravinia Festival Experience

A Video Case Study CrossRealms implemented a breakthrough system at Ravinia Festival that transformed the festival experience. Now, Ravinia has one of the strongest crowd-focused wireless connections in the country. Watch how we did it:

Business Continuity as a Service: For what you own and for your cloud – Part 1

For the past few months, I’ve been having sidebar discussions with C-level executives around Business Continuity and whether it should/shouldn’t incorporate resources in the cloud. Traditionally, we’ve been programmed to build backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity plans for all resources that we own; and we assumed that cloud providers would do the same as […]

Pure Storage Reinventing the All-Flash Array Market

Pure Storage has created a seismic shift in the All Flash Array (AFA) market. They recently launched the new FlashArray//m line that improves upon their already proven,  staggeringly high-performing arrays and combines that with the benefits of a 10+ year ownership model. Their entry-level //m10 model (for organizations with 10-25TB flash requirements) can be upgraded and expanded […]

Cohesity From the Trenches – week 4 – Incredible Data Reduction Results

For this blog, I want to report on the status of migrating our myriad of storage hardware, backup software, and media servers at our data center to our new Cohesity unit. First of all, let me describe the current environment. At our data center, we have around 70+ TB of primary storage and around 200 […]

Cohesity From the Trenches – week 3 – Remote and Large vmdk Backups

Many updates have happened since my last blog post back on March 31st. Code 2.7.2 is out with many new features that I will address shortly, and I met with Mohit, the founder of Cohesity, and with his brainiac team at the user conference here in Chicago. What a fun and unique opportunity. But let’s […]

Cohesity from the trenches – week 2 – Migration, Cluster backups and Deduplication

Last week, I discussed the disruptive nature of Cohesity’s software mostly from the perspective of “copy data management” and how that can transform the way CrossRealms develops Backups and Business Continuity solutions for its customers. In the following series of blogs, I’m going to share with you how things are progressing from a deployment and […]

Copy Data Management: An Innovative Approach to Business Continuity

I attended a recent class on Copy Data Management by Cohesity and I was intrigued by the instructor Damien Philip. He came from Cisco Systems, where he was working on the UCS chassis, then joined Nutanix to work on their converged Infrastructure platform. I was wondering why he moved to Cohesity? And how Mohit (founder […]

CrossRealms Launches Nation’s First Hands-On Cohesity Training

Businesses seeking a strategic solution to costly, high-maintenance and fragmented secondary storage, now have both a technology and an IT partner to help them transition from legacy systems to hyperconverged secondary storage. Cohesity this week named Chicago-based managed services and consultancy firm CrossRealms Inc. as its first national Managed Services Provider partner. “Our job at […]

Help Us Bridge the Digital Divide

Let’s Tech, a nonprofit organization founded by CrossRealms Inc. to help bridge the digital divide, seeks volunteers to help take the ChatterTale Project across the finish line. The ChatterTale is a unique audio playback device designed to both improve early childhood literacy and promote STEM education. The ChatterTale is entering the final stages of development, […]