Wirelurker Detection Tool from PaloAlto networks

We want to share this update from our partner Palo Alto Networks regarding malware targeting Apple’s desktop and mobile platforms. Palo Alto is among the network security companies that CrossRealms partners with to bring our clients advanced Analytics with Unified Threat Management. We share Palo Alto’s proactive approach to security threats. Please contact us if […]

Misconceptions about Palo Alto Firewalls

Recently I had lunch with a network manager from a large community hospital. As we were discussing security and the Palo Alto Network (PAN) firewalls, I realized that many people view them as only application firewalls. After reviewing Palo Alto marketing materials, I believe part of that misconception is due to their focus on their […]

TCP Split Handshake and How It Could Affect Your Firewall Configuration

For those of us who work in the security world, a recent attack called TCP Split Handshake has caused many of us to question what is considered secure and what best practices are. This attack circumvents a rudimentary firewall configuration called “established session” in which a firewall will permit a session that was initiated from […]